New Awlins Cafe

In business since 2013, New Awlins Café brings Cajun dishes to Northwest Austin, an area not normally known for such cuisine.

Though the restaurant is tucked away in a quiet, humble shopping center, the lively interior is complete with big windows, brightly painted walls, and murals reminiscent of New Orleans.

The menu at New Awlins is pretty straightforward, but includes several Louisiana favorites such as crawfish étouffée, gumbo, roast beef po-boys, and red beans and rice. The small shrimp po-boy ($6.50), a safe choice for first-time guests, may prove to be a customer favorite. The bread balances a crispy, flaky crust with a soft crumb, both characteristics of quality New Orleans French bread. The shrimp, crunchy with its cornmeal batter, proved to be delightful. A side of étouffée ($5.95) lacked depth of flavor, but offered plenty of crawfish.

Customers may not consider a visit to New Awlins Café complete without pie. If so, savory pies like crawfish and combination meat await. Sweet pies include number one seller, pecan; American classic, apple; and Southern fixture, sweet potato. The variety of available pies has the potential to make for a difficult decision. Nonetheless, the sweet potato pie ($3.50) proved to be worthy of its own visit in the future. A light, buttery crust surrounded a generous portion of sweet potato filling. The filling itself was tasty and divine, proving chef/owner Aaron Hegger ‘s nickname and billing as befitting.

Whether searching for a good meal or simply dessert, New Awlins Café welcomes customers with a casual atmosphere, consistent menu, and authentic Cajun cuisine.

New Awlins Cafe
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