Lily’s List: 5 Fave ATX Yoga Instructors

It’s a myth that black people don’t do yoga. Although the current iconic yoga practitioner may be the affluent skinny white woman, there are plenty of black yogis here in Austin and spaces being created where people of color can practice yoga in community with one another.

When I go to a yoga class it’s not only about how much melanin is or isn’t present in the room. It’s also the vibe of the instructor, their level of knowledge, professionalism and the music selection and their ability to connect that keeps me coming back.  I’ve practiced with all of these instructors and they each bring something unique and valuable to the table.

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Yoga for Athletes
7:30 pm on Mondays
11 am on Thursdays

2. Jasmine Roussell

Morning Tea & Meditation
7 am on Mondays

Kemetic Yoga and Sound Therapy

10 am on Saturdays

3. Melanie Holst-Collins 

Yoga in Color
7pm on 9/17, 10/3, 10/17, 10/31

Sensual Feminine Yoga
7pm om 9/28, 10/26

Sensual Feminine Masterclass with Body Bloom ATX
8pm on Oct 5  
Stand in Your Strength
8:30 am on Tuesdays

Restorative Yoga
12:45 pm on Wednesdays

12:30 pm on Fridays

Lit Yoga Hip Flow Pt 2
7pm on Sept 14 

Nude Movement Yoga
7pm on Oct 5

I’m Lily. A mother, entrepreneur, dancer/choreographer, foodie, fitness professional, and music lover who loves to experience the best of everything. Since moving to Austin 3 years ago I’ve made it a point to jump in and experience all that this city has to offer. You can find me eating chicken wings at the Rolling Rooster, practicing yoga with Grow your Lovespace, on the dancefloor at Body Rock or busting a sweat at Twerk N Burn among other places.
If you get a chance to enjoy one of the classes listed above, let us know on our Facebook Page; tag us on Instagram using the hashtag #soulciti —or tweet at us!

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  • Great article. I’ve taken classes with Julie and she is encouraging and welcoming with everyone in her class. Thanks for keeping us informed about the great places for yoga in the capital city.

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