A Heart to Hart

Best known for his hilarious performance as entrepreneur Nashawn Wade in the underground hit film Soul Plane, comedian/actor, Kevin Hart will take the stage of Austin’s Capital City Comedy Club November 12-15.
Kevin performs at at 8p and 10:30pm at Cap City Comedy this weekend.

Hart is currently on tour, delivering gut wrenching laughs to audiences across the United States. The 5’4” Philadelphian comedian or “chocolate drop” has had a knack for dishing out the laughs since he was 17. As the compliments began to stack up, Hart started pursuing his calling. Since becoming a comedian/actor Hart has not looked back, working in several blockbuster films, including Scary Movie 3 and 4, The 40-Year-Old Virgin, and Along Came Polly.

In 2008 he joined Mathew McConaughey and Kate Hudson in the hit film Fool’s Gold, where he played a comical gangster named Big Bunny. Also in 2008 Hart was teamed with an all star cast, including, the beautiful Gabrielle Union, and Eddie Murphy, for the interesting and spacey comedy Meet Dave.

For the young comedian, working with the legendary Murphy was exciting. “Eddie has always been an idol of mine,” Hart said. Hart also confessed that he enjoys several other comedians; including funny man Dave Chappell, Chris Tucker, and Chris Rock, “any black man who opened doors,” Hart said.

“The best advice I have ever gotten is to treat everyone with respect and they will respect you,”

Beyond acting and touring Hart expressed his desire to start producing. In 2004 he created his own television show starring himself and an incredible cast, called The Big House, which was unfortunately short lived on ABC. However Mr. Hart is undeterred, and continues to follow his dream.

Holding him down along the way is his wife of over six years and his two children, who he has adamantly discussed during some of his comedy tours. “It is hard to juggle things as a father, husband and comedian, but I try to get a proper amount of work in. I love my job, so when I’m filming I try to bring my family with me,” Hart said.

While comedy is Hart’s first love, he explained that drama could also one day be in the cards. “I would consider doing drama if the time was right,” Hart said. The humbled comedian said that he hopes to be remembered for his personality. “The best advice I have ever gotten is to treat everyone with respect and they will respect you,” stated Hart. Words to live by from a “Chocolate Drop.”


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