American Made Review

Fellow movie-goers: Cruise has another hit with AMERICAN MADE.
9 Plot: Great story, based on true events.
9 Acting: Cruise is back in a big way.
8 Directing: Doug Liman takes us back to the 80's.
7 Cinematography: Not too bad, I loved some of the shots, others not so much.
9 Pacing: There was never any down time, I felt the pacing kept me interested.

Here’s the premise: A pilot (Cruise) lands work for the CIA and as a drug runner in the south during the 1980s. As he juggles his loyalties, he finds himself and his family in serious danger. AMERICAN MADE is based on the true story of Pilot Barry Seal.

I loved this movie, Cruise is back in a big way and he looks like he is having a blast portraying Barry Seal. Cruise’s sarcastic style plays well in AMERICAN MADE, he exudes the southern charm that you would imagine you would need to not only double cross the CIA, but play the same game with drug cartels.

The story is solid and Cruise takes center stage throughout, but I will give a big Kudos to Domhnall Gleason, who plays the CIA agent who recruits Seal, Gleason also brings wit and smarminess to his character.

Director Doug Liman does a great job bringing us back to the 80’s and the film kind of feels like some of the movies from the 80;s as well.

I recommend AMERICAN MADE, if you are a Tom Cruise fan or just like to see movies based on real events.

Russell Lockhart


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