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“Wellness starts in the mind and begins with how we feel about ourselves. I believe our bodies are a work of Art and here at Le’Body we help to maintain the masterpiece”, says Karen Loveless, CEO of Le’Body Med Spa & Wellness,

Located in Manor, Le’Body is a Black-Owned Medical-grade Spa. Offering a wide array of services from Spa treatments, Med Spa services, Injectables, laser treatments, and wellness guidance, the facility is equipped to serve anyone who walks through its doors.

Services at Le’Body include Laser Hair Removal, Body-sculpting, Botox & Fillers, Body Lifts, Facials, Lashes, Brows, and more. They also have a Wellness program that consists of 24-hour access to a wellness coordinator, meal plans and guidance, and medical professionals. Loveless explains, “While we offer some cosmetic services, health and wellness education in our community is much needed. For instance, some skin and hair issues could be related to someone’s eating habits or it could be much deeper than that.”

Le’Body is a passion project for Karen and her husband Geoffrey Loveless. The serial entrepreneurs saw a void in the health and wellness market. They currently own a company that sells and services cosmetic laser equipment. But it wasn’t until Geoffrey, a Prostate Cancer Survivor, utilized the equipment himself, that he and his wife had the idea to leverage it to the public. “There’s very little post-care support for a Prostate Cancer survivor. We have equipment used for treating incontinence for enhancing Kegel muscles.,” said Karen.

we have skin laser equipment that is specified for darker skin tones

Le’Body’s doors opened the first week of June 2022 to a favorable response. Since then,  they have serviced a diverse clientele. Kendra S., Le’Body Spa’s Director & Laser Professional adds, “That was always the goal. While we serve everyone and have a great customer base, we want to be sure to inform people of color of the benefits of health, wellness, and cosmetic care.” She continues, “we have skin laser equipment that is specified for darker skin tones. Kendra explains the differences between various lasers and how some are ineffective on melanated skin.

“For example, the 755 Alexandrite, or 755 for short, is the standard laser used for laser hair removal for fair skin. You can find it in just about every spa that offers laser treatment in Austin.” She goes on, “However, that machine is not a good option for melanated skin. At Le’Body, we carry the new Alexandrite / 1064 YAG Multifunctional Exodus platform. The 1064 is a long-pulsed laser complete with a wide range of attachments for skin tightening, hair removal, and skin rejuvenation.

The laser passes 1064 nm through the skin, bypassing the melanin. So it doesn’t affect your pigment, whereas the 775 targets the pigment. ” She adds, “We even have a M-sculpt machine where a 30-minute session is equivalent to doing 2,000 crunches! That’s one of our more popular services.” Talk about a crash course on laser treatment!

When it comes to their involvement, the Loveless owners describe their style as “hands-on,” Geoffrey expresses. He continues, “through our service company (Venus Medical Solutions) located in Pflugerville, we can keep our equipment in Le’Body, updated and maintained to perform effectively for customers.  Having that knowledge and expertise allows us to save costs and invest more money into our staff.”

Speaking of personnel, Le’ Body employs certified technicians to operate the equipment and perform professional Aesthetic treatments. “We believe in investing in our staff and letting them know we appreciate them.  It leads to consistency and accountability in your staff… Paying them higher wages, giving them continued training, and providing them the tools needed to be successful is the key to a good workforce in my opinion.”

I want you to walk in and immediately feel comfortable in your skin.

While Geoff serves as the CFO, Karen is the CEO. She handles many of the major decisions, marketing, and the day-to-day. Her added touch is felt as soon as one enters the facility. High-end Black art is hand-picked by Karen and carefully installed throughout Le’Body giving it a vibrant Black Art Gallery aesthetic. She explains, “I want you to walk in and immediately feel comfortable in your skin. I want the art on the walls to reflect the people we serve. We want you to feel invited in our space.” She continues, “I also understand with any business, but especially a small business, every detail matters.”

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Karen hopes to have more local artists works in Le’Body to help promote and sell their work as well. “We’re givers. We understand what it means to just start out. At Le’Body we treat the body as a work of art. So naturally, it makes sense to see art depicted on our wall.”

With Le’Body fully operational now, Karen plans to kick the marketing and advertising up a notch. Soon she’ll begin spa parties, gatherings, and engaging influencers to continue to spread the Le’Body news. When asked about her plans for Le’ Body, “We plan to open some more locations in the future as well as launch a training and certification program.”

To check out their variety of services, become a Le’Bo犀利士
dy influencer, or to snag an invite to their next spa party, be sure to visit the website and check them out on Facebook and  Instagram.



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