Austin’s African American Community Bands Together to Offer Aid

Just like that, in a matter of weeks, our beloved city has become a casualty of a world war raging in all four corners of the globe. A war no one could have known was coming. A war we did not ask for. A war that has changed our way of life completely.

In times of crisis and unease – look for The Helpers among us.

But as history has repeatedly shown, it is during times such as these that allow for the collective best in us to rise up and band together to selflessly assist one another during times of great need. In times of crisis – look for The Helpers among us.

On a global scale that most of us have never seen –  individuals, communities, corporations, and the government are all rolling up our collective sleeves to reach out and provide a safety net for our most vulnerable members.

For Austin’s African American community, soulciti has joined forces with the Austin Area Urban League Young Professionals, The Austin Socialite, The Austin Justice Coalition, Encore ATX and Austin’s Party Scene to help spread the word in our networks for those who are in need.

The Helpers is an initiative created to offer financial and logistical aid connecting those who need help to those who can help. This crisis stretches far beyond toilet paper and paper towels. There are many people who are without basic needs. And many more who just need a helping hand. Our people; people who make Austin, Austin.



There are dozens and dozens of aid efforts on the local, statewide and federal levels. Some of those resources are weeks and months away from being ready. We are looking to step into the gap to help people who need help within days.

The online Helpers Portal has been launched for people seeking help to be directly connected to those who are fortunate enough to be in a position to offer help.

The Austin Metropolitan area has been crippled to her core. But the “Live Music Capital of the World” has not been silenced. The tone has just been changed. The music is still vibrant. Together — and only together — can we win this. Watch us rise again.


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