Bini (Coleman) Scoor: Austin’s Champion for Community Health and Wellness

BiNi (Coleman) Scoor

BiNi Scoor stands out as a beacon of light in a world where selfless acts often go unnoticed. She tirelessly gives back to her community without seeking recognition or reward. Her unwavering dedication and passion for helping others have profoundly impacted the lives of those around her.

Affectionately known as the “quiet storm,” BiNi possesses unique skills and gifts that have transformed our community’s philanthropic landscape. soulciti previously featured BiNi as a 2022 Best in The Citi Innovator. Her ability to mobilize resources and rally support for those in need is unparalleled. She has a keen eye for identifying areas where support is most needed and a strategic approach to addressing systemic challenges.

As the founder and CEO of 212 Catalysts, a nonprofit consulting agency, BiNi has played a pivotal role in supporting over $600 million in Austin’s local, state, and federal projects. Her expertise in navigating complex funding mechanisms and building sustainable partnerships has been instrumental in driving positive change and empowering underserved communities.

As BiNi embarks on a new challenge, it is the community’s turn to show our support and rally together to amplify her impact on a larger scale. Let us unite as a community to celebrate Bini’s remarkable contributions and pledge to stand by her side as she continues to make a difference in the lives of those who need it most.

BiNi Scoor in a mocked-up cover image of HERS Muscle and Fitness Magazine
BiNi Scoor in a mocked-up cover image of HERS Muscle and Fitness Magazine

Why vote for BiNi?

  1. Representation for Our Community: Her presence in this challenge is not just about personal achievement; it’s about representing our community on a platform where our voices are seldom heard. By voting for BiNi, we are supporting her and shining a spotlight on our community’s diversity and strength.
  2. Promoting Health and Wellness for All: BiNi’s mission extends beyond herself to uplift health, wellness, and positive body image for individuals of all backgrounds. She advocates for a more inclusive and holistic approach to well-being in a world often fixated on extreme sports and unrealistic body standards. By voting for her, we are endorsing a message of acceptance and empowerment for everyone.
  3. Showcasing Community Initiatives: Through this challenge, BiNi has the opportunity to highlight the incredible work being done in our Austin community to promote health and wellness. By attracting more support and recognition for these initiatives, BiNi can amplify its impact and inspire others to join the cause. Your vote for BiNi is for greater visibility and resources for our community’s vital health and wellness programs.

In voting for BiNi, we support an individual and champion a vision of inclusivity, empowerment, and community well-being. Let’s come together to vote for her and make a difference that extends far beyond this challenge.


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