Is Austin Perfect or Poison for Black People Looking for Black Love?

Austin may not have the Black quantity, but it does have the Black quality.

The Black dating scene in Austin is a topic of much debate. Some say it’s sad and hopeless. Others say it’s a great place to find someone with whom you can build your dream relationship.

Austin is both perfect and poison if you’re Black looking for Black love. Here’s why:

Poison: The numbers don’t look good, fam

Black newcomers to Austin typically ask the same thing: Where are all the Black people?

Compared to Houston and Dallas, Austin has a lower Black population (though it’s been steady percentage wise holding at near 8% in the greater Austin metropolitan statistical area since 2000). Your number of eligible mates shrinks even more depending on your standards like education, income, physical appearance, age, and those only interested in “Netflix and Chill.”

Poison: Caught up in the swirl

The streets seem to be filled with interracial couples. Texas is one of the top 20 states for it.

From interviews with Black women here, there is a consensus that it seems like Black men dating white women is a more common occurrence than vice versa. Nationally, statistics show Black men are twice as likely to marry outside of their race than Black women.

There’s nothing wrong with “getting your swirl on,” but if you’re a Black person looking for Black love, this can be a disappointing blow to your dating pool.

Poison:  It’s Never-Never land

Austin is home to the University of Texas, and while there are families here, that still gives the city a college-town vibe, allowing adults to essentially never grow up.

With people in their 30s and 40s still in the party scene looking to “hook up,” dating apps like Tinder and Soul Swipe are breeding grounds for booty calls over love, and situationships as the norm, Austin proves to be troublesome for someone looking for a lasting relationship.

Austin may not have the Black quantity, but it does have the Black quality

Perfect: Influx of the young and successful

With 159 people moving here every day, you’re more likely to find educated, successful business owners, artists, and professionals. Austin may not have the Black quantity, but it does have the Black quality.

Afro-Desiac Speed Dating Event

Perfect: It’s a small town, but got bigger dreams

The biggest Texas happenings are here: SXSW, Austin City Limits, Formula 1, etc. With so much to do, there are more opportunities to meet people. Who knows? Your next boo could be sitting by you at the next Drake concert.

Perfect: Future Bae doesn’t live here, but she will

From Dubai to San Francisco, people from all over the world come to Austin. Future bae may not be here for you to check out the Domain with, but Austin does put you in a better position to meet someone you wouldn’t have met have living elsewhere.

What Can I Do?

It may be true that you don’t find love, love finds you, but if Cupid is moving too slow, give these a try:

  1. Go out. No one ever fell in love cooped-up in the house. Find something you like, go do it, and you might meet someone you like, too. Check out Young Black Austin.
  2. Attend networking events. Check out Blacks in Tech and Austin Area Urban League Young Professionals.
  3. Try speed dating. Check out Afrodesiac™ Speed Dating event “for African-American men and all the women who LOVE them,” at Water 2 Wine on South Lamar on Thursday, May 25th, at 6:30pm.


  • Wow!

    This article must be for Black folks under 40 — you millennials… Cuz dating in Austin while being Black and over 40 — heck, over 50 ain’t happening. And being a Sistah who loves Black men like they are huge bowls of Amy’s Ice Cream in a 400 sq foot dream closet stock with designer shoes — I won’t settle for anything other than a delicious beautiful warrior Black man!

    So the answer to the question that’s the title of this article is, no — not for me it isn’t. That means traveling outside of Austin — Texas for more options in available, “desirable”, lively Black men — 45 and up.

    Also why do folks keep parroting the stats on how many people reportedly move to Austin everyday and not include the facts that balance those ridiculous numbers with how many people actually leave Austin everyday.

    For every 150+ people who move to Austin everyday 50-75 leave!

    The majority of the people — millennials moving to Austin don’t get involved in real community issues or engage their neighbors in any real/lasting way because the majority of those 150+ new residents will only be here for 4-5 years.

    We need more conscious Black folks moving here!

  • Interesting and truthful story.
    There are a lot of beautiful black women in ATX. Round Rock P-Ville seem to have all the fine ladies.

    I am a black man that loves black women.

  • I’m single, moved to Austin a yr. ago. I am retired, I brought my own home, and looking for a good looking single black women over 53 yr. old and no luck so far.

  • Thia was an interesting read . I’m moving to Austin in a few weeks. It’s been 20 years since I lived there .

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