Bless your Tastebuds with Bert’s Chicken and Waffles

Funnel Cake

Get ready! Bert’s Chicken and Waffles will be cooking up its mouth-watering chicken wing and waffle mix and match menu at this year’s Soul Food Truck Fest in October.

Owner Paulette Fresch started her food truck in March 2012 as Khandie’s Shaved Ice. Her son was playing youth sports for East Austin teams, but unfortunately, the teams never had concessions. So, she started providing the concessions and Khandie’s Shaved Ice was born.

Her shaved ice’s popularity grew, and Fresch soon added Bert’s Chicken & Waffles to her business catalog as two food menus to her truck, serving delicious dishes to catered events, parties, and festivals.

Buffalo Wings and Red Velvet Waffle
Buffalo Wings and Red Velvet Waffle

What’s on the menu?

You can order a waffle, either regular or red velvet, with your choice of chicken wings or tenders. Flavors include honey BBQ, buffalo, and lemon pepper.

You can also get chicken wings or tenders with a side of fries or a juicy Angus burger with fries. Top all that deliciousness off with a scrumptious funnel cake.

Honey BBQ Wings and Waffle
Honey BBQ Wings and Waffle

What’s the customer favorite?

Customers rave about the honey BBQ wings with a regular waffle. They say the honey BBQ sauce matches well with the sweetness of the waffle.

Why are you participating in the Soul Food Truck Fest?

Fresch said she is excited to participate for a second year in the Soul Food Truck Fest because it showcases minority businesses to the Austin community.

Follow Bert’s Chicken and Waffles on Facebook, and stop by the truck at this year’s Soul Food Truck Fest in October. Tickets on sale August 31.

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