BLK Beetles Invite You to Vibe with Them at AFROTECH

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Take time to cater to your wellness during AfroTech at the #VibeWithUs event by BLK Beetles. 

BLK Beetles, a wellness community created for and inspired by the BIPOC athlete, is an official entertainment partner of AFROTECH™ 2022. They will host multiple wellness events Monday, November 14 through Wednesday, November 16 at STRIDE Fitness in Austin.

Samad Hinton, Founder of Blk Beatles.

Samad Hinton, the founder of BLK Beetles, shared some information with us about the organization and their partnership with AFROTECH™.

Can you give us some details about BLK Beetles? What’s your origin story?

At BLK Beetles, we believe that wellness is done better together.  Agency over our well-being involves a sense of belonging and community and as people from the BIPOC diaspora, we understand what it feels like to walk a well-being journey alone.  The most important piece to this fitness and wellness journey is, therefore, community.

belongingness within fitness and wellness means to belong unapologetically

We also believe wellness should be a journey toward liberation. As an organizational value, wellness is not merely a data point, it can be transformational. Essentially, “belongingness within fitness and wellness means to belong unapologetically”. In turn, our community members are able to express, move, and love their bodies without fear.

BLK Beetles’ was founded in 2021 and our mission is to bring inspiration and a supportive well-being community to the everyday BIPOC athlete from anywhere in the world. With our mission statement in mind, we focus on creating in-person and digital wellness experiences that support our community members’ wellness journey. Today, those wellness experiences include our podcast series, Amplified Journey, the BLK Beetles Run CRW (Crew) in Houston, and collaborative wellness experiences with brands such as HOKA, REI, and Propel Water.

What was the process of becoming an AfroTech partner?

Texas is BLK Beetles’ founding state and given this is the first time the AfroTech Conference will be hosted in Texas, we knew we had to be a part of it! Our Run CRW has relatives in Austin and the opportunity to activate locals and visitors in Austin was exciting. Upon being selected as an official Entertainment Partner, we’re able to celebrate the creative genius of those who are doing amazing things in the tech and Web3 space.  More specifically, our intention is to host a series of events whereby AfroTech attendees and the local Austin community could come together and foster fellowship through wellness-centered experiences.

What can attendees expect at the different wellness events?

As mentioned on our page, wellness is the vibe during our #VibeWithUs experiences. We are fortunate to have partnered with Danielle Carroll, owner of STRIDE Fitness on 5th Street. By partnering with Danielle and the team, we are able to amplify and support a local black-owned business in Austin, which follows the spirit of both AfroTech and BLK Beetles. The STRIDE Fitness team has curated workout sounds to match the energy during the week of AfroTech. Let’s just say, I think the Beyoncé vs Rihanna celebration will be a whole vibe for the Ladies Day Celebration. Here is the list of all events and check out our FAQ page:

  • Monday, November 14th at 6:45pm: The COMBO Experience will feature sounds from your favorite OVO rapper;
  • Tuesday, November 15th at 6:45pm: The CORE Experience will feature  sounds from the legendary Carters – Jay Z and Lil Wayne; AND
  • Wednesday, November 16th at 3:30pm: Ladies Day Celebration will feature your favorite workout theme songs by Beyoncé and Rihanna.

Attendees will have an opportunity to try out a dope pair of HOKAs during the workout. Afterward, in typical BLK Beetles fashion, all attendees will receive a wellness package to support their wellness journey.

Is there anything else you’d like us to know about BLK Beetles or #VibeWithUs?

Our #VibeWithUs series is an invitation for all! As a startup, we center and focus on creating a sense of belongingness in our community spaces. From an equity lens, we hope local community members are able to join us and feel a part of the AfroTech Conference activities. Not only is wellness done better together, but it should also feel like home. BLK Beetles is truly thankful to partner with local Austin community members like Danielle to ensure inclusion and belongingness of those identifying from Black diaspora in Austin.

How can we find you online?

Readers can learn more about and purchase a ticket at our website. They can keep up and support BLK Beetles by following our Instagram page and subscribing to the Amplified Journey podcast.

For our Houston readers, they can always join us for one of our community runs on Saturdays.






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