Fellow Movie-goers: Peele has done it again, if you enjoyed the original Candyman, you will love Peele's sequel.
Here’s the premise: In present day, a decade after the last of the Cabrini towers were torn down, Anthony and his partner move into a loft in the now gentrified Cabrini. A chance encounter with an old-timer exposes Anthony to the true story behind Candyman. Anxious to use these macabre details in his studio as fresh grist for paintings, he unknowingly opens a door to a complex past that unravels his own sanity and unleashes a terrifying wave of violence.
I continue to be blown away by Jordan Peele projects, the man is on fire!! The new CANDYMAN is an absolute MUST for any fan of the first movie. Writer Peele and director Nisa DaCosta took an already incredible film and made it even better through their choice of storytelling. While keeping the integrity of the original film, they added more elements in telling the story that was superb.
The one element I thought was brilliant was the shadow puppets at the beginning of the movie. They used this to tell the origin of Candy man, and it added a whole new creepy factor into the story.
Great cast and they all delivered stellar performances. The script is pretty tight, a few flaws here and there in explaining some connections, but it does not hinder the movie at all. Overall, if you are a fan of the original Candyman, you will not be disappointed.
I highly recommend CANDYMAN,
Russell Lockhart

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