Keeping the Torch Lit for Bakari


Jill Henderson can already see the Greek courtroom in her mind. She and her husband, Phil, have been there four times already. The dark, old wooden furniture in the un-air-conditioned chamber promises once again to not have the capacity to hold all of the interested parties. If they’re lucky, they will have a few family members present, as will each of the nine defendants charged with her son’s 2017 death.

In the Caribbean, colonialism and inequality mean hurricanes hit harder


These are not isolated instances of random bad luck. Deep, human-induced roots of climate change, inequality, and the underdevelopment of former colonies—all increase the Caribbean’s vulnerability to disaster. Haiti, where 8 out of 10 people live on less than $4 a day, offers an example of how capitalism, gender, and history converge to compound storm damage.

The Foreign Exchange Unites Austinites


From the outside, The North Door located on East 5th Street doesn’t look very inviting. Not only does its name sound like a clue from the Underground Railroad, but the unimpressive structure looks more like a jail from an old Western than a music venue.