Classical Music in Color: Orchestra Noir, The Atlanta African-American Orchestra

Europe’s first orchestra of color is The Chineke! Orchestra of England.

In this episode of Classical Music In Color, Judlyne speaks to the Founder And Conductor of Orchestra Noir, Jason Ikeem Rodgers. Atlanta’s black community has embraced it, making the two- year-old orchestra a successful venture.

Rodgers, a graduate of the Cleveland Institute of Music, decided to start Orchestra Noir after teaching school and starting several student orchestras in Philadelphia. Between that and a few conducting competitions he won he decided to start his own orchestra specifically for the Black community. They play classical music, some of it by African-American composers, and work with hip-hop musicians too.  

Judlyne Lilly-Gibson hosts  KMFA BY REQUEST and STACCATO on KMFA 89.5. Classical Music in Color is sponsored by IOKTS Productions Black History Calendars.


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