Colin Kaepernick Puts His Money Where His Mouth Is

When Colin Kaepernick starts telling lies about racism in America, I will lose respect for him.

Since he is telling the truth, I respect him and his right to take a stand (in this case, a knee). And he backed it up with a donation to help communities in need. What are the people doing that are booing him? That are telling him to move to another country (why should he have to leave…he was BORN here?)? That are saying he ain’t Black and can’t relate to the struggle cuz his afro is soft and wavy and his skin is light?

Please, miss me with all that. Go Colin! Lochte about to start an international melee over lies and y’all put him on Dancing With The Stars. Colin Kaepernick speaks up about racism, and y’all ready to lynch him. In the words of Big Mama, “hurt dogs holler…”

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