Damn Gina!

I shoulda taken off today so I could bask in them people’s afterglow, cuz Bay Bay, y’all know it’s been my lifelong dream to get Wendy’s bejeweled mic in my face and throw SHADE honey on national TV. But work and tax season call…plus the way my mortgage payment and McKenzie’s summer camp AND this car note set up.

Just heard that Duane and Tisha Campbell Martin done filed for bankruptcy. It’s hard as hayle for me to understand how I see Martin on bout 3 channels every night, yo husband on that show with Kevin Hart, and you got them other syndication checks from My Wife and Kids and such (plus all that money you made from House Parties 1 through 12) and you talmbout you ain’t got enough money to pay your car note.

I know Tisha just put a song out though so I had to go investigate to make sure she wasn’t signed with LaFace Records. Cuz y’all know errybody that went through that comp’ny as an artist done filed a Chapter 7 or 13. Them thanes $15 MILLION in debt. They owe American Express $40,000 – how does that even happen? Cuz Amex be on my arse after I charge five hundred. Rich people’s problems I guess. They had to list their assets – why they list two dogs for a dollar a piece. I wish those dogs could read that sheeit and bite they arses.

Seriously though, I like Tisha (I think we could be friends IRL) and want her to be great. I’m thinking if this reorganization thane don’t work out, they can start a GoFundMe and get some of they bills knocked right on out. Even though Chili and T-Boz ain’t make but bout $250 on theirs trying to get an album made.

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