David Hopper’s Love Relationship with Food on Display at Dia’s Market

David Hopper has been in a love relationship with food for a long time. He was born and raised in Detroit and has fond memories of watching his mother shop carefully for food.

He has since lived on a farm in Pennsylvania and in large metropolitan cities around the world. He clearly remembers the smells of the bodegas that lined New Jersey streets and recalls the awe inspired by the care invested in the bread and meat shops in various European cities he visited. For years he thought he was bound to be a chef.

Although his encounter with several highly successful chefs influenced him to take a different direction, including a stint as a futures trader, he never lost his dream of creating a business that connected people with good food.

Dia’s Market, nestled in the cozy Crestview community right off North Lamar Boulevard, does that and more. The specialty market offers locally and internationally curated products for the discerning consumer.  Two products Hopper takes great pride in are his homemade granola and rotisserie chicken. “They are second to none,” he confidently stated.

he has been grateful for Austin’s reputation for embracing progressive ideas

Gourmet breakfast sandwiches are served all day. One favorite is made with Fried Egg, Tomato, Avocado and Hot Sauce on a choice of bread. The atmosphere at Dia’s is casual chic, with neatly organized shelves offering a wide range of food, dry goods and personal products that promote the company’s commitment to provide “the best quality we can get; products that are made the right way.”

Feeling at home in many diverse communities over his lifetime, he is still amused at the surprise so many customers find hard to suppress that the black man taking care of things there at the store is the owner. Overall, though,  he has been grateful that Austin’s reputation for embracing progressive ideas, regardless of the source, has borne out and he doesn’t feel like he sticks out, even in a world of his specialty granola, artisan cheeses and organic produce.

the fusion of passion for good living and good eating is what makes Dia’s Market a jewel

One aspect of Dia’s Market’s business model that has ensured its smooth introduction is its focus on community. David’s wife and kids are active members of the community. He is a proud family man and DIA is the first initial of his 3 kids. Hopper regularly hosts events that involve (both 2- and 4-legged) area residents and invites them to integrate community interests into those of the store.  On any given evening, you may happen upon a food or wine tasting, live music or a community meeting taking place. Encouraging the fusion of passion for good living and good eating is what makes Dia’s Market a jewel in the community.

Stop by Dia’s and enjoy a shopping experience that is bound to expand your palate, broaden your knowledge of local and international food and beverage offerings and introduce you to one cool brother on a mission.

Dia’s Market is located 812 Justin Lane off of N. Lamar Blvd near Airport Blvd, and you can reach them by phone at 512-520-5115, email at info@diasmarket.com or check out their 70 five-star reviews on Facebook.

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