Dear Gabby: Backflip On Your Haters

Photograph by Jason Kibbler
Now y'all know SoShaydee will provide snarky commentary and "shayde" folks but it's almost always done in fun, love and admiration. I draw the line at bullying people.

I also draw the line at old people (they my people), kids (chile I got one…even though I’m still amazed that it actually happened even though I sho’ was doin’ thangs to get one), and special needs people (the most courageous people EVER). I am really sitting here shaking my head at all these “Innanet” thugs coming for Gabby Douglas. It’s not fair and it’s downright mean as hayle.

In 2012, that girl won GOLD at the Olympics and foke were worried about her hair, when some of the main ones talkin’ ain’t got edges. Temples just barren and ain’t had hair sprout since the early 90s. Then she won team gold, and y’all sayin’ she didn’t put her hand over her heart when they played the National Anthem. That baby stood there at attention, giving respect, after putting on a team performance that won the gold and bragging rights for her country, and once again, y’all have proclaimed her to be worse than rye bread on a ham sandwich.

Then, y’all said she was sittin’ in the stands lookin’ mean and salty when her teammates were performing individually. Have any of you actually been ATHLETES performing at the highest level, let alone at the Olympics? It is stressful just getting there to represent your country and it is even more stressful performing. She was in the ZONE…likely upset at herself and over-critiquing her own performance. Her teammates said she helped them get ready and was asking them if they needed anything as they got ready to do their routines.

You can’t be too confident, too great, too bold, too awesome, too amazing….especially when you are a Black woman…

Gabby powered through her floor performance to the end even after she didn’t do what SHE came to do. And then she stared at her phone and CRIED, wondering what she did to all these people who hate her just because she dares to be GREAT. Because that’s what it’s all about. You can’t be too confident, too great, too bold, too awesome, too amazing….especially when you are a Black woman because the powers that be will surely try to bring you down a peg or seven. Comb your nappy head…you angry…you got an attitude. You know all the stuff they say about Black women that “boss” up.

I know it’s easier said than done…to let comments roll off your back, but Gabby, Baby, you are a winner. A CHAMPION on a WORLD STAGE. I swear you don’t need to put stock in somebody in Idaho typin’ mean things on an internet and livin’ out of their mama’s basement. Hold your head up high, and “backflip on your haters.” In the words of that old sage Beyonce…the best revenge is your “GOLD” Girl!


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