DMX is a New Daddy – For the 15th time.

Photo by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images

Y’all ain’t tell me that DMX is a father again! I woulda sent a card of congratulations, some Pampers, some formula, a Tweet or something!

Yes, congratulations are in order. DMX (who can’t ever seem to get those child support payments current on his existing progeny) welcomed his 15th child into the world. I could say a whole lot here….but yeah, I gots nothin’.

I’d be surprised if DMX can say the same since obviously he goin’ in the rain without wearing a coat. Yeah, let me stop talkin’ bout DMX and get off him before I end up pregnant, because he is damn SHO fertile. #DMX #BoyBYE #VasectomyMightBeinOrder #GetSnippedCutANDBurnt #soshaydee


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