Dr. Karla Frazier: Putting a Smile on Austin’s Face

These days, Dr. Karla Frazier finds herself rather amazed at the impact her practice has had on the community.

She is surprised at how recognizable she has become, being waved down by somebody practically every time she ventures outside. Perhaps she shouldn’t be surprised, though, given her philosophy of blending her dental practice with active mentorship and community service.

Dr. Karla Frazier | Photo by Chris Hayes

With a particular heart for youth and young adults, Dr. Frazier has visited local schools and even invited students to her office to talk about how they can make their professional dreams a reality. With a commitment to empowering patients and treating them well, Dr. Frazier’s practice has grown from the small, struggling practice she purchased from a retiring doctor to the flourishing office that serves many dental patients from across the city.

After considering the toll on her personal life and emotions a traditional medical practice would take, Dr. Frazier allowed her infatuation with pretty smiles to lead her to dentistry.

She completed her undergraduate studies at Jackson State University in Mississippi, then attended dental school at the University of Pennsylvania. Dying to escape the brutally cold weather, she was glad when her stint as a Captain in the Air Force took her to California for three and a half years. She credits her military service with valuable experience in leadership and program management.

Dr. Frazier arrived in Austin in 1999, happy to settle in a sleepy, yet vibrant town with an eclectic population and affordable cost of living. She thought it was a great place to put down roots and opened her personal practice in 2001. In her practice, she endeavored to emphasize the important relationship dental care has to a person’s overall health and took a holistic approach to seeing her patients and identifying other medical concerns that required addressing.

She is dismayed by the separation people often create between conditions like hypertension, diabetes, diet, and even mental health and their oral health and strives to dismantle that misconception one patient at a time.

In her free time, Dr. Frazier enjoys mentoring others, essential oils, arts, and crafts such as painting and jewelry making and learning more about real estate. Dr. Frazier is also a huge music lover (and world-class karaoke star!) and is the sponsor of soulciti’s upcoming concert with neo-soul guitarist Anthony David.

Now that she is on “the downside” of her career, with retirement from clinical practice on the horizon, she looks forward to exploring relaxing destinations around the globe, especially where she can enjoy Costa Rican coffee.

Dr. Devon Harris. Photo by Chris Haywood

She is excited about the new associate, Devon Harris, a recent graduate of UT Health Science Center San Antonio, working at her practice, and what his future may entail.

The legacy Dr. Frazier hopes she is creating is one of practicing with integrity, and she measures that by her ability to sleep well at night, knowing that she has made sound decisions for her patients.

Lately, sleep has been coming rather easily.

Dr. Frazier’s office is located on Hwy 290 E. near the 183 intersection. Visit her website and tell her soulciti sent you to get your best smile!


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