Easter Sunday Review

Great comedy that starts off slow but builds to hilarity.

Here’s the premise: Budding actor Joe Valencia ( Jo Kay) returns home for Easter Sunday and faces his crazy family, old friends, and his ex-girlfriend who is now a Police officer. As the craziness continues, so does the hilarity. What a great movie, bringing Jo Kay’s stand-up to the screen works very well. The comedy does what a great comedy should do, it builds the comedy as the movie progresses.

Easter Sunday starts off with a few chuckles but like a great symphony, builds to a comedy crescendo. The comedy is already funny, but they bring in greats like Tiffany Haddish, Tia Carrere, and Lou Diamond Phillips to make it even better. Jo Kay does a great job and carries the lead very well.The story itself is very well written and also does what great comedies do and that is magnify normal craziness into comedic gold. There is also a lot of heart in the movie. You see the craziness of a family also meld into the love of a family. I found myself wanting to spend Holidays with this household.

I love this movie and highly recommend it.



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