This Ended Up Being a Good Week for Black Foke: Power Recap, S4E5

You know last week didn’t start out that great for Black foke.  R Kelly out here stealing whole people and keeping them against their will.  Usher letting it burn with these women out here in the streets, literally, and having to pay them a gang of money.  And then, OJ had his parole hearing on Thursday…and those parole board people messed around and let OJ out of jail (well in October).

Then, Girls Trip, a movie with 4 Black female lead actresses, ran the box office on Friday and Saturday.  The only thing Black foke needed  for a triple-double was Obamacare to stay intact and Ghost to get out of prison.

Episode 5 started with Ghost still in jail.  He looks cute in orange but I’m ready for him to get out before he has to wash Terisi’s drawls. Angela visited Ghost after she tried to talk to Sandoval about the tape and never seeing Ghost hide the gun in it.  Sandoval wasn’t trying to hear anything Angela was saying because he is hellbent on pinnin’ Greg’s murder on Ghost.  Angela gave Silver and Ghost some information about the prosecution trying to turn the case into a RICO one.

Silver told Tasha she would probably have to testify about St. Patrick’s assets since the prosecution found a check for a grip from Tommy to Ghost.  Ghost ended up taking the stand instead and Sandoval cross-examined him and did a pretty good job of it too.  Ol’ strong jawed killing arse.   Back in jail, Terisi was still mad that Ghost stopped that extortion scam he had set up before it got started really.  He put a bug in Marshall Williams’ ear that Ghost was behind his transfer to another prison.  Terisi had a plan to take out Ghost and Marshall fell right into the trap.  Ghost was in jail trying to keep them abs and triceps poppin’ and in walked Marshall Williams.

Everybody else disappeared and then he started talkin’ crazy to Ghost bout him (Williams) possibly hunchin’ Tasha and having her and Ghost kids call HIM daddy.  Y’all know Ghost gets mad quick and ain’t NOBODY safe.  We talmbout the same dude that in the past put on a black hoodie and killed everybody but Ruiz and Tommy on one damn episode.  He start beating Williams with a weight and bust his head all the way to the white meat.  Literally.  I’m talkin’ bout Williams was unrecognizable – a skull, teeth, and gums pretty much.  I thought damn, that’s gotta leave a stain..and in walked Terisi and Biscuit.

Biscuit had a shank in the one good hand Ghost left him with and thought he was bout to slice up Ghost, but Terisi had other plans.  He killed Biscuit with his bare hands (choked him up in some type of figga 4 headlock) and then made Ghost change clothes with Biscuit.  They strung Biscuit up on a belt on some type of suicide sheeit and made it look like he killed Williams and then killed himself.  Ghost didn’t have to murder Williams lil frail self like that though.  Chile…. I am still having nightmares behind that murder.  Speaking of murders, Williams wasn’t the only one…Soo’s Hello Kitty got killed too.  By Julio.  I’m talmbout she needed to take a leave of absence from work after all that hunching and dry grindin’ and whatnots.

What else..oh Stern was back tonight trying to offer Ghost a loan.  You know his money comes with all kinds of strings and stipulations attached.  Ghost turned it down.  Good.  I ain’t liked him since he was the engineer on Titanic and couldn’t stop it from sinking.  I guess Raina nem gon’ be out of private school for a while (last week, Tasha’s check bounced).  It probably doesn’t make a difference for Tariq.  He wasn’t going to school anyway and if he was, he wasn’t learning sheeit.  He did lose his virginity last week – he ended up telling Tommy.  He said he used protection but I ain’t so sure.  The way he out here stealing 32 inch tvs without the remotes from his friend’s condos.

Tasha figured out Tommy was doin’ Kesha and told him to be careful because she could flip on them if he breaks her heart.  Tommy also came clean about choking out and killing Holly.  Tasha said she understood – ANYTHING to protect the family.  DAMN.

Angela came to court to testify for the defense, finally believing that Ghost didn’t kill Greg.  You know Mak, Sandoval and Saxe were so mad they didn’t know what to do.  Mak tried to throw Angela under the bus behind her sexual relationship with Ghost, but the judge had heard enough.  He dismissed the charges against Ghost without prejudice!  Yasss!

Meanwhile, Tommy was summoned to Chicago by the connect.  And had the nerve to leave his phone with one of his henchmen.  Now Ghost can’t call him and Julio can’t tell him he saw Kanan talking to Dre.  And Ghost can’t give Tommy the phone Terisi gave him when he processed out, asking for Tommy to call him (Terisi) on it.  Terisi said if Ghost didn’t give Tommy that flip phone, he was gonna tell the truth about what happened with Marshall Williams.

Tasha ended up hugging Silver just a little longer than she should have in a private moment back at the St. Patrick penthouse….and it was awkward and uncomfortable for me.  Please sweet baby Jesus don’t let them start dry grinding with each other.  He told her that she may need some money before the assets were unfrozen.  She called Stern.  THREE HOURS before James was gonna get out of jail.  That is going to bite her right in her all black wearing arse.  And of course Tariq was once again outta pocket.  Shoulda been home hanging streamers and blowing up balloons for Ghost Welcome Home Party but instead he was back in that raggely arse apartment trying to hang with Kanan.  But instead of Kanan, Jukebox arse was there.  In that cop uniform that she always have on looking like a low-budget female version of Otis (Martin Lawrence show).  I guess she found out about Ghost, turned on her sirens, and took the express lanes from Baltimore, DC or wherever she from.

When Kanan walked in, she told him the plan was back on – kidnap Tariq, get Ghost’s money, and then kill Tariq AND Ghost.  She bout to get her non-civilian clothes havin’ arse killed fooling around with Ghost’s child.  Even though Tariq needs to at least have both his temples grazed for what he out here doing, and Tasha needs a visit from Child Protective Services.

Ghost is outta jail, y’all!  Freed just like OJ.  Look at GOD! Won’t HE do it!!!!

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