#Ersher Outchea Lettin’ Em Burn.

So now let’s talk about Quantasia Sharpton. No, I didn’t make that up. I swear when I read it I said y’all need to stop lying – that ain’t that lady name. Well it is. I don’t know if she is related to Al Sharpton or is a distant cousin of Fantasia but I digress. There was a lot of chatter yesterday about Quantasia’s press conference where she shared that Usher met her on her 19th birthday backstage at his concert and exposed her to that nasty man’s disease. Most of y’all said that she was lying…maybe she was confused and instead of hunching with the singer, she actually hunched with an usher at her church. Like she wasn’t Usher’s type because she was too big, too plain, not cute enough.

Truthfully, she cute enough and she ain’t too big. I remember a video someone posted of Usher on stage dry grindin’ with a big girl and he was ALL IN. He had that sly look on his face like he was gon’ take her back to the room, and rise, pause, and fall off the top rope on that lady. Big girls get PLENTY of love. Trust and believe. I don’t know any that are pressed behind a man. And some of these men out here might swear they only fool with fit and fine dimes, but when nobody is looking, they are all on top of a big girl.

So I ain’t gon’ say she lying. I don’t feel like Usher got a type…he probably out here exposing as many chicks as he can to what he got. And he probably got a thing for a chick of a certain size too. Just cuz he was with Chili doesn’t mean he can’t get down with somebody twice or three times her size. In the words of that old sage, Kanan from Power “Usher did that sheeit…”

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