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Bro Brunch x AFROTECH™

Mon October 31 @ 8:00 am | 5:00 pm

Bro Brunch x AFROTECH™

Austin Justice Coalition’s “Bro Brunch” is an official AFROTECH™ Conference 2022 Entertainment Partner. A supportive community is paramount to re-enfranchisement and ending mass incarceration; Bro Brunch aims to help organically foster these relationships. It’s uncommon to have Black men from all socio-cultural backgrounds (e.g. social status, SES, professions ) come together in alliance. Oftentimes, men don’t have these spaces to be in community with one another to help build meaningful connections that can spur mentorship relationships and circles of accountability to ensure individual and community growth to full potential. Bro Brunch is a safe space for camaraderie, learning/ unlearning, and vulnerability. Men will acquire different philosophies and techniques to navigate a world designed to see them fail.

This Event is sponsored by Verizon and The Canary Impact Fund.

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