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Cooperative Caregiving for Elders and Children

Wed September 18 @ 7:00 pm | 9:00 pm


How can we build a care industry that honors the NEEDS and HUMANITY of the people RECEIVING care as well as those PROVIDING it?

Caregiving is emotionally taxing, physically demanding, never-ending work, but caregivers are among the lowest-paid workers in the nation, and caregiving is often termed “low-skill” labor. Families seek caregivers to assist their precious elders and children, but often find they have little say in the consistency of care or the pay and policies that impact the workers caring for their loved ones. Pioneering Homecare and Childcare are working to change this dynamic, creating fair, stable, dignified jobs for workers and pooling resources to access the highest and best care.

Join Texas Rural Cooperative Center Director Annelies Lottmann to explore real-world examples of caregiver-owned co-ops as well as parent- and family-owned cooperatives working to make great care a reality even within the constraints of our current private pay system.

The class will include:

  • Models of Care Co-ops
  • Interviews and Discussion with Current Care Co-op Worker-owners and Client-owners
  • Tools and resources to create a child or elder care co-op– for WORKERS or FAMILIES

Class attendees will have the opportunity to schedule FREE coaching and consulting with the instructor and other co-op experts.

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