Get a Taste of Austin’s Flavorful and First Haitian Gourmet Food Truck

In the heart of the city, you can hear the rhythmic sounds of Haitian music playing and smell the aroma of authentic, gourmet food cooking as you wait excitedly for your order at Kreyòl Korner, Austin’s first Haitian food truck.

Located at 805 Stark St. off N. Lamar Blvd., the food truck opened in July 2017 and has been serving up flavorful, delicious Haitian dishes to the Austin community ever since.

Experience Haitian Culture

Kreyòl Korner was started by Haitian-born Nahika Hillery when she moved to Austin two years ago from Boston and recognized a lack of Caribbean cuisine variety in the city.

Hillery operates the business with her mother and husband with the goal of showing people another side of Haiti that is not often reflected in American media.

A visit to the truck is a true island experience

“Kreyòl” is the native language spoken in Haiti, so the truck’s name came from Hillery’s passion for her culture and her desire to create a little corner of Haiti in Austin.

When you come to Kreyòl Korner, you will enjoy Haitian music, like “Lakay” by Tabou Combo, art, dances, and history. For Hillery and her family, “it goes beyond just food.” A visit to the truck is a true island experience.

What’s On the Menu

Hillery says Haitians are exceptionally particular about the taste of their food, which is reflected in the absolutely delicious and unique seasonings found in their dishes. The menu is full of traditional Haitian appetizers, combo courses and more.

Nahika at Kreyol Korner is a culinary queen! I've had several dishes now and each one is more satisfying than the last! From the fried plantain bites to the spicy pork shoulder, the food will warm your comfort food craving and leave you wanting more. — J. Esau, Google Review

From stewed chicken to rice with black bean gravy, the tastes feel like you’re eating with Haitian family. Customer favorites include the fried pork shoulder, spicy meatball appetizer and spicy beef plantain cups.

For Sunday Brunch, they serve “joumou”, a delicious soup that Haitians eat as tradition on New Year’s Day to celebrate their independence from France. Get it at Kreyol Korner every Sunday along with other delicious brunch dishes.

Be sure to check out this food truck at the Soul Food Truck Fest October 2018.

The truck is open Wednesday – Friday from 11 a.m.-7 p.m., Saturday 2 p.m.-10 p.m., and Sunday 11 a.m.-3 p.m. Visit their website for the latest information.

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