Ghost Team Review

Ratings are based on 1 to 10 Reels

6 Plot-Good plot idea, but not carried out to it's fullest.
5 Directing-OK, but kind of a trainwreck all the way.
3 Acting-Awesome actors reduced to cartoonish ways.
7 Cinematography-Probably one of the better parts of the movie.
3 Pacing-Not good, I was checking my watch several times throughout the movie and that is never a good thing.

Fellow movie-goers: About average, which is what I expected from the trailers.

Here’s the premise: A paranormal-obsessed man (Jon Heder) mounts his own investigation into the beyond with his depressed best friend (David Krumholtz), misfit nephew (Paul Downs), a cable access medium (Amy Sedaris) an overeager security guard (Justin Long) and a girl he just met (Melonie Diaz.)

 The casting alone made me hope for a better movie, but it boils down to almost every bad movie from the 70’s with Scooby Doo and the gang as the cast. Cliché after cliché is marched out, and the plot was paper thin and predictable. It was an interesting concept but did not go anywhere at all. Some of the acting was okay, but others were so bad it sucked the good out of the good actors, and that is it in a nutshell. I do not recommend this movie, but if you must try it, I would say wait for cable.




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