Girls Trip Review

"Girls Trip" is indeed a trip, you will laugh your ass off.
7 Plot: Lots of laughs, but it never took away from the story.
8 Acting: I love me some Queen Latifah, but Jada Pinkett Smith and Tiffany Haddish stole the show.
8 Directing: Malcolm Lee did a great job delivering laughs and a strong message.
6 Cinematography: Nothing to get over excited about, but there were some cool shots of life in New Orleans.
8 Pacing: Filled you in right from the beginning, but knew just when to throw those twists at you to make your jaw drop.
This movie is filled with so many laughs, my stomach hurt. The premise of the story is this, 4 girl friends who were best friends since grade school all went their separate ways. After being separated for 5 years, all living different lives, Ryan Pierce (Regina Hall) was chosen as the keynote speaker at this huge festival in New Orleans. That was when she decided to reach out to her old friends and invite them on a mini trip to rekindle their friendship.
Along the way there are many laughs, some romances and a few road bumps. The major scene stealer, in my opinion, was Tiffany Haddish, who played Dina. She was by far the funniest character in the movie. 90% of the time I laughed was at something she said and/or did. The other 10% was of course with the beautiful Jada Pinkett Smith. Not only was this movie hilarious, but it told a great story about empowerment. If your life is horrible behind closed doors, you don’t have to fool people; you can change that and free yourself from the misery. It may benefit you in the end.
I definitely recommend this movie; it’s perfect for a girls night or even as a date movie. I guarantee you will laugh your ass off.

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