Halle Berry’s New Thriller Has Moms On Edge

Whew Chile! After viewing the new ‪#‎Kidnap‬ movie trailer, I needed to sit down for a minute to calm my nerves.

Well first, I needed to drive over to the school and make sure McKenzie (my 6 yr old) was okay.

All I can say is I am HERE for this movie and HERE for Halle. And I ain’t really been here for Halle in a minute. She won that Oscar for dry grindin’ with Billy Bob and got out there on some other stuff with men fighting over her and having babies at damn near 50.

But I will give her this – this movie, Kidnap, looks like it is EVERYTHING! I’m talking about in the one minute of viewing it, I went through a range of emotions – happiness, being scared, being nervous, anxious, angry, sad, mad, etc.

I think this is the comeback movie of her career, and can’t wait to see Halle take down the bad guys who snatched her son. The car chases and crashes just add to the drama of this movie. This trailer makes me wanna forgive Halle for Catwoman AND BAPs, and I have NEVER been able to forgive her for those atrocities against mankind. I think I will go follow her on Twitter. ‪#‎HalleBerry‬ ‪#‎Halle‬ ‪#‎soshaydee‬ ‪#‎HereforIt‬‪#‎ALLOFIT‬


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