Happy Death Day 2 Review

Fellow movie-goers: Surpasses the first movie, and could bring on another sequel.
10 Plot: Great story with sci-fi added to the already fun mix.
8 Acting: All great, but Tree Gelbman steals the show.
8 Directing: Christopher Landon does a great job bringing us the next chapter.
7 Cinematography: Great shots and wonderful different vantage points for each time it repeats.
9 Pacing: Never dull, starts off with a bang and ends with one as well.

Here’s the premise:  Tree Gelbman is once again caught in a death loop, but this time the killer is going after her friends and she must die over and over till she figures out who is hunting them down.

I really enjoyed the first installment, like a Groundhog Day with a murder; the second movie broadens the scope with more murders happening, a sci-fi story, and twists on the original outcome. Very rare does a sequel surpass the original, but it definitely does in this case. Jessica Roth absolutely steals the show as Tree, her sassiness is awesome and she shines throughout.

I love sci-fi, so the incorporation of sci-fi was fantastic for me, and it gives a different feel to the genre, and quite frankly opens up a lots of doors for sequels. The writing for the sci-fi portion was also great, and leaves you having to think about each step they are taking, so you are as much involved as the characters. Kudos for the humor in the script; much like the original, there are wonderful little humorous spots are scattered throughout the film.

If you liked the first movie, you will love the sequel.

Russell Lockhart


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