Herb Fulton: No Excuses, Just Results

Photo by Stephanie Devon Warren.
Herb Fulton, world championship amateur master boxer, owns Eight Count Boxing and Fitness in Georgetown.

Herb Fulton possesses ardent wit, intriguing charm, and a silky smooth seductive voice.  Herb also packs a lean, mean south-paw punch. Fulton has won six world championships as an amateur master boxer all after the age of 45.  

Several years ago, a diagnosis of high blood pressure/hypertension hit Herb hard. This rude awakening served as a lifesaving incentive.  Fulton says one day he noticed someone wearing a jacket stitched with the name of a boxing gym.  He’d enjoyed boxing as a youth but had long since put his gloves down.  Determined to not be knocked out by the “silent killer,” Herb returned to the world of boxing, reigniting his youthful passion and drive in the boxing ring. Herb’s weight dropped massively; his champion spirit soared triumphantly.

Herb Fulton is living his passion. Last year, Fulton closed the doors to his successful business as a financial advisor. This transition allows him to focus primarily on Eight Count Boxing and Fitness which he opened in Georgetown in 2015.  In this “house,” Herb serves as a coach and trainer for youth and adults.

Herb Fulton is also a U.S. Army veteran.  He knows the importance of focus, commitment, and perseverance.  In his recently released memoir, No Excuses, Just Results, Fulton shares a firsthand account of his life as a “boxer, soldier, family man, and devoted member of [his]community.”

soulciti (sc): What is the legacy of Herb Fulton?

Herb Fulton (HF): The legacy of Herb Fulton is one that stems from growing up and being raised by both mom and dad, a legacy that is filled with promoting the idea that it is still a wonderful thing to take what you’ve learned from your parents and watch everything around that foundation develop.

sc: “They Didn’t Know I Can Sing” is the opening chapter of your book.  Speak on the importance of voice.

The reason I started off the chapter this way is to show those who feel that way now, that I once was at that point at a very young age, and it’s awesome how you feel that way well into adulthood because sometimes when people don’t hear your voice, it’s far too easy to make assumptions which aren’t always fair.

The most influential advice that I received was to simply mind my own damn business.

sc: Are you still singing?  If so, where can soulcitizens hear you?

HF: Singing now, no.  I haven’t sung in a very long time; however, if given the opportunity to do so, I will again.

sc: Family support is always a plus.  How has your family encouraged you in your various endeavors?

HF: Family support is indeed a critically important part of life. My family is very supportive of my various endeavors, but only to the extent that they had something to do with it. Not everybody’s the same I realized a long time ago that just because you’re family doesn’t make you equal and efforts that you pursue [differ]. That is, not everyone chooses to prepare and pursue their dreams.

sc: What words of advice have you received that have been influential in your life?

HF: The most influential advice that I received was to simply mind my own damn business. You can do a whole lot more for people than you think could only be done through a group.

sc: Another chapter in your book is “Crabs in a Pot.”  Share why you addressed this concept.

HF: I address this concept because of the way our people not all, but some have a tendency to think that we all should be able to accomplish successful things without having to do what it takes to get there, but “if you can have it, I can have it, too.”

sc: You have accomplished much in your lifespan thus far, talk about your various career endeavors.

HF: I’ll just say this, what I’ve accomplished so far in my lifetime can be attributed greatly to my mother and father. Whatever the accomplishments, they traveled vicariously through me and with me.

sc: Describe a day in the life of Herb Fulton as coach and trainer.  

HF: As a coach and trainer, I look forward to all of my members walking through the door with a goal in mind to finish up their day at the boxing gym, some leaving tension-free and others learning more about the craft.

sc: What has been your most rewarding experience?

With me it’s not about the money, it’s not about the fame; but it’s about them, The People.

HF: When my members see that with me it’s not about the money, it’s not about the fame; but it’s about them, The People.

sc: What drives you?

HF: The People.

sc: I understand that you consider the folks that come to your gym not simply as clients, but family. How has this impacted your business?

HF: It has provided greater than expected growth.

sc:  Do you plan to write more books?                                                  

HF: I do plan on writing another book. This book was actually written three years ago, but I wanted to show progression. It was very difficult for me to release this book. But I did, on December 26, 2016, because I finally realized that sometimes adding on to an already wonderful story can sometimes make it worse.

Keep the pages turning!
No Excuses, Just Results: A Memoir, by Herb Fulton is available on Amazon.  Eight Count Boxing and Fitness is located at 1960 South Austin Avenue, Suite 110, Georgetown, TX 78626.


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