Being a Janet Jackson Fan is Like Dating A Bad Boy

Janet is like an ol' emotionally abusive boyfriend.

Had me outta about $300 behind them concert tickets and then had the nerve to go dry grind and get pregnant right in the middle of the tour. She was the reason I didn’t get my boobs reconstructed for about 6 months and missed the CBC dinner where I was gonna be working as a volunteer.

I put my life (and my coins) on hold tryin’ to get to my life and get to that concert. She cost some of my friends plane ticket and hotel money. So I became a 1/8th associate member of the Beyhive and denounced errythane that IS Janet Jackson (Penny, Charmaine (Diff Strokes), her character on Fame, in the Tyler Perry movies, etc.). Hell I didn’t want nothin’ to do with Jesse or Mahalia Jackson.

And then she puts out this endearing adorable little video with the cute smile and all the giggles talmbout that lil sweet baby she done had and how she divorcing that Sultan that let her inherit a kingdom as she lost her edge and tight thighs.

And just like an ol’ battered woman, I’m over here hittin’ the replay button and smilin’ right back like ‘gon, Janet, stop. STTTTOP!’ Leave me alone. I don’t want you no mo’.’ but secretly smilin’ and still wanting her.

So with that being said..all is forgiven. AGAIN. Because she’s Janet. I don’t care how fat her cheeks are….or that that head ain’t combed. She still my girl, and if the LORD say the same, if she rolls through Texas, Imma be at that concert. Cuz I know that thane gon’ be hot fire (after she start starving and working out) because now she can dress in skintight clothes and pull me up on the stage and dry grind against my good concert outfit.

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State of the World Tour hits Austin on Sunday, Sep 10 at the Frank Erwin Center. Tickets go on sale this Friday at 10am.


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