LBJ’s State Run: It Was More Than Just A Game

So this is something that's been on my heart, so I am just gonna say it. For those of you who are unaware, LBJ making it to state was a big deal for many reasons. Yes, it is our alma mater, and yes it was a school first, but it's so much bigger than that. 

We have long known about the inequities across schools. LBJ is a classic example of an inner-city school whose population is more than 96% minority and 73% economically disadvantaged. Schools like ours don’t make it this far every day. Why? Because resources make a difference.

School funding is limited and extracurriculars like football often rely on parent booster clubs to fill in the gaps. Boosters fundraise and provide things like money for team meals, travel, equipment, facilities, morale-boosting apparatuses such as football tunnels, etc. In smaller, inner-city schools, you’re less likely to find parents with flexible jobs and/or who have ample time & money to donate.

It’s harder to raise large amounts of money with fewer club members. It’s harder to reach said fundraising goal when the community has less disposable income. And all of that impacts the kids. Can they still progress and be successful? Yes, of course, they can, but makes it that much harder to compete.

Our kids were competing on an uneven playing field (easily visible to the naked eye during the championship game, btw), and still, here they are.

My heart is sad for the LBJ kids and coaches who worked so hard and wanted so badly to taste that win. But truth be told, more than anything, I AM SO MF PROUD and grateful to them for representing us well and reigniting that purple pride that forever lives within us.

Cano is an original Austinite from a family of educators, a LBJ alum, and a football wife. Donations to the LBJ Football Booster Club can be made via Cash App.

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