Let’s Build Wealth in The Citi

Mo money – mo problems. Bitch betta have my money. C.R.E.A.M. (Cash Rules Everything Around Me) Money doesn’t grow on trees. Trying to make a dolla out of fifteen cents. Playing wit my money is like playing wit my emotions. Show me the money!

We rap about it. (A lot). We laugh about it. Worry about it. Pray about it. Complain about it. We even kill for it.

In fact about the only thing we thing we don’t do enough of is sit down and talk strategically about it.

About money that it is.

soulciti is committed to doing our small part to change the narrative as best we can for Black Austin.
We started our efforts in June with an event we called Wealth Gap, Financial Empowerment and Wealth Building for Black Austin where we examined the wealth gap data that currently exists between the Black community and other races in Austin.

And this week we’ll kick things off in earnest as we look to build solutions with our Wealth and Wisdom Series where once a month, we’ll visit a Black-owned business and host a series focused on areas of financial empowerment such as entrepreneurship, personal and business finance, youth and money, homeownership, mental health and so much more.
Our editorial calendar will be heavily populated over the next 12 months with articles and profiles on this crucial aspect of life in Western society.

We will talk to financial gurus focused on impacting the collective Black wealth movement like Darryl Finkerton. His manifesto How to End Poverty in the United States, and Make Trillions of Dollars proselytizes that a Universal Basic Income or UBI would immediately end poverty immediately and generate trillions of dollars.

The first concrete municipal movement for reparations was recently launched in a small city in Maryland. How would the reparations movement fare here in Austin? We are definitely going to explore that conversation.

Home ownership is the bedrock of generational wealth in America. soulcitizen and tech founder (and Ballet Afrique dancer turns out) Kobla Tetey has launched an innovative solution that is gaining traction and is designed to increase home ownership among people of color.

It’s going to be an information-packed action-oriented series and you are invited to follow along with us under the hash tag #citiwealth.


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