Lord Not Julio: Power Recap, S4E6

I struggled with what to title this blog post.  Part of me wanted to title it “EVERYBODY Got Killed” (cuz everybody did).  Part of me wanted to title it “Live in the Sky”, an ode to Julio.  I finally settled on Lord Not Julio because I still can’t believe he is gone.  And let me be clear…..he’s gone.  I know y’all want him to be alive, but unless he is part cat (with 9 lives), he is currently residing in the Upper Room.  Before I talk about his murder, let’s talk about Ghost’s first day out of jail.

He had a nightmare about bashin’ Marshall Williams’ brains in and woke up to find he was in his bed at his penthouse alone.  Now I ain’t mad at Tasha for not sleeping next to him – she doesn’t know whose drawls he had to wash and who he had to give his Biscuit (pun intended) to to survive.  It is also likely that he still smelled like jail.  That’s hell to get out of your nice 800 thread count sheets.  He got up to take a shower and BAY BAY – we got an ol’ nasty, only slightly blurry shot of them hindparts.  Ghost is BLESSED, and I was blessed just to see it.  Hupp Glo-Ray!

He tried to push up on Tasha but she wasn’t going.  Not with him smelling like jail AND professing his forever love re: Angela AND watching Angela destroy her career to save Ghost’s hindparts.  I was glad – I wouldn’t even give Ghost the satisfaction of rubbing my booty.  For that long (he fine, so I probably would break down for a few minutes).  Ghost asked about his children who all had better places to be the night he got out other than home.  That’s right – Ghost been in jail for half the season, and none of his kids were home waiting for him when he got out, not holding nary a sign or balloon.  Tasha wrong for that sheeit.  Ghost needs to call Child Protective Services anonymously on her.

Ghost ran out to Truth which finally got the “club” taken off of it (got re-opened by the Feds).  He was barely in there for 30 seconds before Stern showed up to discuss payback of the loan Tasha took.  I’m sooo not understanding this loan AFTER she knew Ghost was getting out and soooo not understanding what she did with such a sizable sum, because it had to be sizable for Stern to now control Ghost.  He wants Ghost to head up a new business venture so he can get a minority loan using Ghost’s brown skin.  And he wants to claim all three of Ghost’s kids (even the little part-time baby) on his taxes.  Well I made that last part up but he might.  Of course, Ghost was mad at Tasha but couldn’t say too much since she held him down while he was “inside”.

Tommy took that road trip to Chicago to see the big boss and ended up talking wayyy too much at dinner after a thousand shots (so not like Tommy to let his guard down but he thought he was in I guess after the big bosses offered a promotion of sorts).  They threw Tommy’s arse in the trunk after he talked about killing Milan and took him to a big arse gravesite.  HIS gravesite.  Tommy was on his knees, and Petar showed up talkin’ noise talmbout he didn’t know Tommy killed Milan.  Tatiana (Milan’s ol’ lady) showed up and saved Tommy right before the gunshot (where he was thinking of seeing an angelic Holly – knowing good and well that thane ain’t in nobody’s heaven) and the big bosses shot Petar instead and his arse fell in the grave.  Tommy ended up in Cleveland and beat Holly’s old molesting arse realtor uncle to death with a bat that was in an open house the uncle was showing.  Oh this seems out of the blue?  That’s cuz it was.  SMH.   I guess Tommy did it for Holly but since he killed her too it didn’t make a lot of sense.

Meanwhile, Julio confronted Dre about seeing him with Kanan.  Dre started double talking and got Julio all confused and talked him into the both of them taking out Cristobal for running his mouth about extra bricks and sheeit.  But Dre had another plan – he met with Cristobal and Julio’s old gang members and came up with a plan to set Julio up for the gang members to get revenge (Ghost had bought Julio’s freedom like he was a new age slave but now that Ghost was out the game, that agreement was void).

Julio agreed to meet Dre.  At night.  Alone.  IN AN ABANDONED BUILDING.  Exactly – sheeit didn’t go well.  There Julio found his old gang members (now enemies) waiting on him, instead of finding Dre.  I told y’all last time Julio wasn’t smart or ruthless enough to be Distro.  They STAYED disrespecting him and talking bad about him.  He needed to be on a PIP and demoted.  It took THREE gang members to finally take ol’ footdragging Julio out but not before he took two of them out even after he had been all sliced and cut up.  The last most ruthless dude cut that 718 tat out of Julio’s neck with no anesthesia and then stuck Julio for the last time in the chest.  Julio tried to crawl up outta that thane but the blood loss and the 122 stab wounds were too much and he trembled, cried out and died.  LORD NOT JULIO!

At the same time, Jukebox still had Tariq lil gullible arse.  Jukebox ain’t have no tv, no video games, no snacks but that lil negro ain’t know he was kidnapped.  Kanan kidnapped Ghost who thought he saw a ghost when Kanan rolled up on him and made him steal money from Tommy’s stash house (where some other people died) before having him drive to the abandoned house where Juke was holding Tariq.  Kanan also tried to find out WHY Ghost set him up and Ghost told him he had two choices – kill Kanan or put him on the inside.  Kanan was like a brother to him so he wasn’t going to kill him.  Kanan told him he made the wrong choice and popped Ghost’s head into the steering wheel.

Kanan gave Ghost his gun when they got to the house..telling him he could shoot Kanan OR use it to help Kanan free Tariq.  I knew his burnt crispy arse had feelings for Tariq! Ghost went with the plan but Juke wasn’t going.  She figured out what was going on (both Kanan and Ghost were setting her up) and threatened to kill Ghost and the boy.  She was right behind Tariq with the gun and made Kanan tell Tariq EVERYTHING.  Also made Ghost tell the truth about who he was.  And then Kanan shot Jukebox’s arse.  Three times.  And then told her she talked too much, grabbed the money, told Tariq ‘see you later lil ninja’ and was out.  Yep.  After all those seasons of waiting to get revenge on Ghost, it ended with Kanan letting Ghost and Tariq live.  A big build up for a quick arse let-down. Anti-climactic.  I guess when you the EP, you get to make those kinda storyline decisions but it left me feeling some kinda way.

Ghost hugged Tariq, told him “I got you” but Tariq didn’t hug back.  I really think Tariq shoulda got at least his temples grazed for always doing wrong sheeit and them two birdies he threw up to sweet Raina last episode.

So there you have it.  More people died in last night’s episode of Power than in New Jack City.  I was fine with everybody who caught a bullet except for Julio.  I’m going to be mourning all week.  Soo is too when she finds out.  She probably gon’ have to look for another job and somebody else to have marathon sex sessions with.


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