Ashé Arts: Austin Social Commentary Through Dance

Sadé M. Jones, choreographer for Ashé Arts collective. Photo via Ashé Arts.
Artists embrace their personal metamorphoses to inspire community.

Ashé Arts, an Austin collective of storytellers from the African Diaspora, this week will present Melanated Chrysalis, a stage production co-written by Sadé  M. Jones and Zell Miller III. Jones choreographed the production, and Miller is directing.

“Come celebrate transformation with us as we embrace the culture Austin was built upon, and preserve it in the midst of Austin’s own metamorphosis,” says Jones.

Jones, who is from Brooklyn, uses dance to communicate social commentary. She holds a bachelors degree from William Smith College in Psychology, with a focus on dance and social justice. She also holds a master’s degree in social psychology from the University of Texas at Austin.

Previously Austin theater The Vortex awarded Jones Best Choreography in it’s annual Fire and Brimstone Awards for her work in Hands Up Hoodies Down, a play for Travon Martin.

“Melanated Chrysalis is the story of one person’s experience inside the cocoon — encouraging others to be comfortable in their discomfort during metamorphosis,” says Jones.

“Whether it’s breaking through generational cycles, mental/physical limitations, or societal stereotypes, when artists embrace their personal metamorphosis, they can inspire a community,” she adds.

The George Washington Carver Museum will host a performance of Melanated Chrysalis on Dec. 9 at 8 p.m. Buy tickets online.


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