It’s a Wonderffle Day in Mike Bradford’s Neighborhood.

I want to be his neighbor. As the tuned in foodie that I am, I love to experience the bliss of tasting recipes unheard of.

Mike Bradford, creator of The Wonderffle Stuffed Waffle Iron, will always be a friend of mine as he promises that in 6 easy steps I can have a dish to remember. Easy clean up is just an added bonus. He features recipes for the bacon cheeseburger and the caramelized apple stuffed waffle on his website, complete with pictures to capture your taste buds and evoke that hunger for the sweet and savory.

A recent winner of the $50k pitch competition on Steve Harvey’s Funderdome TV Show, Bradford credited his ability to perfect the art of the elevator pitch to his success. Bradford has such a diverse background in mechanical engineering and software development, one can only wonder how he transitioned into the food preparation industry.

He tells his story of countless failures and abandonment on his website and walks us through the product development of the mighty Wonderffle Stuffed Waffle Iron. When he spoke to me, he mentioned trouble with the manufacturer which has caused him to push back the Wonderffle launch date from August 2017 to early 2018.

His customers have been “surprisingly supportive” through these setbacks. Most are just patiently waiting for a chance to try the new gadget, including restaurant owners. Can you imagine a stuffed waffle on the menu at your favorite restaurant? It is like music to my ears because I do not necessarily find joy in preparing my own food.

Bradford could be considered a well-rounded guy. He had the desire to own his own food truck, which prompted him to get into the food industry and step out of his mechanical engineering realm for a bit. When he was laid off, he had a taste of the gig economy, driven by an individual’s ability to deliver quality at the right price and on schedule.

He knows that retirement will never be the same, which is why he has explored his entrepreneurial passions. Although his 9-to-5 job as a software developer currently pays the bills, he envisions he will soon see the success needed to step out on his own. He has a few things in the works to guarantee a quick delivery of his kitchen gadget. He plans to launch a crowdfunding campaign in November on Indiegogo to either cover the cost for a cast steel or electric Wonderffle model. Depending on the circumstances, the funding may even be used to improve the current Wonderffle.

My suggestion is to preorder the Wonderffle Stuffed Waffle now in order to receive it in January 2018 before the craze begins. Be sure to follow him on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Let him know that soulciti sent you.


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