Mile 22 Review

Great action, decent story, but a little disjointed.
5 Plot: A bit disjointed, and very little character development.
7 Acting: The cast did a great job with the material they had.
7 Directing: Peter Berg did a great job on the action, but not so good everywhere else.
10 Cinematography: Mind blowing, action and fight scenes stole the show.
9 Pacing: Never slow, so being bored was not the issue.

Here’s the premise:  An elite American intelligence officer (Wahlberg), aided by a top-secret tactical command unit, tries to smuggle a mysterious police officer with sensitive information out of the country, while being attacked every step of the way.

The real star of the movie, and quite honestly, the best part of the movie is the action; the explosions, the gunfights, and the awesome fight scenes make the movie worth seeing. I love a good action movie more than most, but I like my action movies to have substance as well, this is where MILE 22 fell apart.

While the storyline was decent, and there were a few juicy subplots, none of these actually came full circle. The subplots never really went anywhere, and at the end of the movie you are longing for answers that never came; this also goes hand in hand with the fact that there was really no character development, we are not invested in these people good enough to care if they live or die. The script also was one that it was easy to get lost and there were a few questions that never got answered, so that was disappointing to me because I had hoped the ending would give me closure, but all I was left with was more questions.

If you see MILE 22, make it a matinee, or wait till it comes out on DVD.




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