Murder, Bury, Win Review

Fellow movie-goers: Fun movie with a lot of laughs.

Here’s the premise: Three friends have created a board game, MURDER BURY WIN, and they think it has what it takes to become a bestseller on the indie charts. When their attempt to crowdfund fails, a mysterious man makes them an offer: he will publish their game on the condition that he takes credit as the sole creator and owner. As the old saying goes, the fun ensues.

The movie starts of very slow, but once they are at the mystery house, it really takes off rather fast and does not look back. As I watched the film, it reminded me of a terrific 1982 movie called DEATHTRAP with a little of the 2018 movie GAME NIGHT thrown in. I enjoyed the macabre aspect of the movie and the three main actors were really funny, but there were a few bits that maybe went a little long.

For a low budget film, the cinematography was awesome, and I was equally as impressed with the acting and story, I am glad I gave this little gem a chance.

I do recommend this movie; don’t give up on the slow start.

Russell Lockhart


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