Night School Review

Not a bad movie but not up to par for the two main actors.
5 Plot: Now original, has been done better.
7 Acting: A little stiff but tolerable
8 Directing: Malcolm D. Lee does a decent job.
9 Pacing: Moved along fine, even when the jokes didn't.

Here’s the premise:  Teddy Walker (Kevin Hart) dropped out of High School and still managed to have a successful job, until things go wrong and he has nowhere to turn unless he gets his GED. Teddy goes back to his old High school to get his GED and has to deal with an old classmate that is now the principal, a teacher that is not impressed with him, weird classmates, and keeping the secret from him well to do fiancée.

Decent script, but lacking in the comedy; they try, but a lot of it falls flat. It is a shame, because Hart and Haddish are both comic犀利士
geniuses and despite their attempts, the movie misses more than hits. The saving grace is the heart it has, the weird classmates and Hart’s character all eventually end up tugging at your heartstrings.

NIGHT SCHOOL tries to be like Billy Madison or Summer School, while they come close, the writing lets the genre down.

While I still recommend NIGHT SCHOOL, I would suggest going to a matinee or wait till it hits DVD.



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