Paper Tiger Review

Three at risk youths are taken under the wing of Sifu Cheung. He teaches them life lessons, morals, and values as well as Kung Fu. He loves the boys as his own sons and the boys bond as brothers. When the boys graduate from high school, life choices drive them apart from each other and Cheung. News of Cheung’s death, brings the boys together to bury past grudges and come together once more as the Paper Tigers to find out the truth behind Cheung’s death. Out of work, out of shape and out of practice; the boys have huge hurdles to overcome to bring justice to their Sifu and their House. Once again, the Paper Tigers walk the streets of the neighborhood seeking truth and justice.

This movie is very brilliantly put together to divulge a lot of backstory in a short amount of time through a highlight reel of family videos. This choice of story advancement doesn’t allow the story to bog down and manages to build character and relations very quickly for the viewer.  This is done geniusly.

The action and fight sequences are enjoyable, relatable, entertaining, and amusing. I found myself cheering and pulling for the boys from the start. These everyday men have greatness in them, and the story draws the viewer to their side.

Absolutely well done movie. It has a great cast and enjoyable soundtrack. The story is engaging from start to end and the characters are very easy to love and get behind from the beginning.

The camera work is stunning and nicely edited together. The fight sequences are beautifully put together. The training sequences and techniques are perfect. The training sequence with Danny and the tennis ball is very impressionable and brilliantly done with POV. Absolutely enjoyable from start to end.

This charming tale with endearing characters is well worth a view. If you love movies like “The Karate Kid”, “Four Brothers”, and “Grown ups” you are going to love “The Paper Tigers”. The Paper Tigers will become your heroes too. This is definitely a movie that you will want to see multiple times and owning it on DVD to introduce your friends and family to it is a must.

That’s my review and I’m sticking to it. See you at the theaters soon!

Char P


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