Pete’s Dragon Review

Ratings are based on 1 to 10 Reels

8 Plot-Awesome story, a few hiccups in the story, but nothing major.
10 Directing-Awesome job by David Lowery for bringing a childhood memory to life.
10 Acting-Fantastic job by the whole cast, but Oakes Fegley who plays Pete shines brightest.
10 Cinematography-Beautifully done, especially shots done with the dragon.
8 Pacing-Story moves along rather nicely, with just one hiccup towards the middle of the movie.

Fellow movie-goers: Fun movie, took me back to when I was a kid watching the first PETE’S DRAGON.

Here’s the premise: In true Disney fashion, this movie starts off with a tragedy that leaves Pete alone in the woods ala Tarzan, but instead of being raised by wild animals, Pete is found by a dragon that he names Pete. A few years later, construction in the woods revels the secret duo and a whole new adventure starts for Pete and his dragon.

Great movie, I loved the original, but Disney took a classic and turned it into a future classic. The dragon is no longer an animated creature like the original, but CGI created and oh boy did they do an incredible job. While the dragon does not look like a traditional dragon, I really dug what Disney did with him, giving their own spin on what a dragon might look like.

The cast does an incredible job, and is filled with awesome performers. First and foremost, Oakes Fegley, who plays Pete and carries himself like he has been in the business as long as some of the veteran actors he is surrounded by. It was great to see Robert Redford in the movie and he did a great job as always, but would have liked to see him in the story a little bit more. Bryce Dallas Howard, who is making a name of her own away from her famous dad Ron Howard, is also fantastic as Grace, the woman who takes in Pete and shares a connection with Pete’s dragon friend.

Pete’s dragon is a great movie to take the kids to, and if you were one of the lucky people to have grown up seeing the original, then it will be wonderful trip down memory lane while bringing along a whole new set of friends.


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