Pink Sugar Treats & Eats Has a Sweet New Storefront in East Austin

Founder and CEO of Pink Sugar Treats & Eats holding a cookie in front of her left eye
Shelesa “Sugar” Tennon, Founder and CEO of Pink Sugar Treats & Eats.
Sweet Sugar Treats & Eats began as just a self-challenge to recreate a cake seen by Shelesa “Sugar” Tennon in a cooking competition. Now it’s a thriving custom bakery and baking class with a brand new storefront!

Back in 2010, as Sugar and her mother watched a baking competition on television, she thought to herself, “I can do that!” So she bought her needed ingredients and supplies and went to work! Unfortunately, that cake was a bit of a failure. However, it lit a passion inside Sugar to keep trying.

Soon, she was being requested to make cakes for her friends and family. Then, it was more than cakes and more than just people she knew. Fast forward to the current day, and Pink Sugar has its first storefront!

“Using experience gained from years of retail management, I have created a brand that was more than just about cake…it’s about making memories with your families, creating traditions, and adding sweetness to all your life occasions,” said Tennon.

I decided that if the world was gonna end, I was going to chase my dreams fervently until the wheels fell off.

When did you know it was time to move to a brick-and-mortar?

Honestly, the pandemic is how I knew it was time to move to a brick-and-mortar store. I spent many years denying this desire and then when faced with a global emergency, I realized that time is a gift and I should honor the gifts that life has given me. I decided that if the world was gonna end, I was going to chase my dreams fervently until the wheels fell off.

The pandemic lit something in me that did not exist before…the thought of not living to my personal best and fullest potential was frightening. I chose action instead of being crippled by inaction. I have now proven to myself that I can do hard things, be vulnerable by sharing my dreams, and be rewarded by doing so!

Were there any fears or hesitations before taking that leap?

Of course! As an entrepreneur, the fears and hesitations are never-ending, but we do it all afraid anyway! That is what sets most entrepreneurs apart and ahead. We do not allow it to stop us but motivate us, and usually, we are rewarded on the other side of doing so whether it is a lesson or a blessing.

What’s next for Pink Sugar Treats & Eats?

There are so many things in the pipeline and on the vision board for Pink Sugar including a second location, retail goods in your favorite retailers, and HOPEFULLY our own baking show that will film in our Flagship store. 

Presently, we just have to jump over a few final hurdles with the first location and get that rolling full-time!

That’s awesome! Finally, for small businesses looking to take the next step in growing, what advice would you give?

DO IT, but do it fully informed, well-researched, and with perseverance. I encourage them to practice being their own cheerleader and voice of reason early on because it is lonely, isolating and scary at times. I will not lie about that and one must know how to pump yourself up to push on. That said, a diverse and supportive group of people that TRULY have your best in mind is also imperative, but the key is to always remember that no matter how great the advice or the investment is, the vision was not given to them BUT TO YOU!

Located at 2823 E. Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd., Suite 105, in East Austin, Pink Sugar offers custom cakes, cupcakes, the famous Face Cookies, and even classes and private parties. Make your way over to show your support.



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