Poms Review

Cute movie with an important lesson for life while keeping you mildly entertained.

Here’s the premise: Martha (Keaton) moves to a retirement community to be left alone and pass the last bit of her life in peace and quiet but she meets a group of feisty older women that puts her plans on the back burner. The women decide to form a cheerleading club and regain a bit of their youth.

I really enjoyed the movie but it is a little darker than I expected, dealing with death and the big “C” but I think the writers dealt with the dark matter rather well. The writing is okay, a bit slow in spots and predictable, but there is heart to the movie and I always love a good heartfelt film.  

While all the acting was good, I felt like Diane Keaton and Jacki Weaver stole the show, the funniest parts are from Jackie, who hits the comedy portion out of the park.

While POMS will not win any awards or break any box office records, it is still, at the core, a movie that cares enough to teach a lesson of “it’s never too late….” And we really need that now days. I would recommend going to a matinee or wait it is at the dollar theater.

Michael Trichel


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