Quita Culpepper: The Oprah Winfrey of Texas

It’s not a title she’d give herself, because she’s adorably, awkwardly humble. But Quita Culpepper, long-time television news personality in Austin, is basically the Oprah Winfrey of Texas.

Or, perhaps, Oprah is the Quita Culpepper of earth. However you want to look at it.

Arguably, literally every person who lays eyes on her does a double take. Is that…? Is she…? The lady from…? Quita? Is that Quita Culpepper.

Then, “Oh my God, it’s Quita Culpepper!” And the fawn-fest begins. Only, the fawning is really a well deserved honoring of a journalist who, with poise and effortless style, brings KVUE viewers the news of the day.

One of the best human beings on the planet

So, it’s no shocker that Quita recently beat out some top-notch competition (her colleague Terri Gruca of KVUE, and Sally Hernandez and Shannon Wolfson of KXAN) to nab the Austin Chronicle’s 2017 Best of Austin in the Best TV Anchor/Reporter category. Quita has won the title more times than she can remember. [We checked and it’s 14 times.]

The sister is just baaaaaad.

We recently caught up with Quita Culpepper at Manuel’s Mexican Restaurant, where she was emceeing a fundraiser for an organization called Finding Freedom through Friendship, which assists single mothers and widows in developing countries.

Popular Austin radio personality Dale Dudley was quoted in response to Quita’s win as saying she’s “One of the best human beings on the planet,” to which, in a Facebook post, Quita replied “I love my job, and I love you guys. And Dale Dudley’s quote got me all teary-eyed.”

Well, we get teary-eyed when in the presence of this local royalty. (No joke. Next time you see her, call her Queen Quita. We’re sure she’ll thank soulciti for that later. Not!)

When she’s not behind the desk or chasing a story; Quita enjoys live music, spending time with her family, comic books, breakfast tacos and a good game of laser tag.

If you have story ideas, you can email Quita at qculpepper@kvue.com; follow her on Twitter; like her Facebook page or catch her on the air nightly at 6pm and 10pm on KVUE Austin.


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