Quincy Jones Leaving No Tea Unspilled

I swear Quincy Jones arse musta got confirmation that he is headed on an express bus to the Upper Room cause that man telling ERRY secret that he was sposed to take to the grave!

That’s all I got – he must be doing some kinda conscience clearing and soul cleansing cuz he out there bad and I can’t blame all this larceny on “he old..and you know old people don’t care what they say”. But let’s break down some of what he said – MJ used to steal (songs and such); he (Q) used to date Ivanka and she had them legs; and Marlon Brando was a freak that got it in with air conditioners, mailboxes, radiators, Richard Pryor and Marvin Gaye.

Now are y’all REALLY surprised that Richard Pryor liked boy coochie? That man had some effeminate ways about himself….even in that movie where he was getting it on and it was acting (Harlem Nights), I wasn’t hardly convinced. Marvin Gaye? He added that “e” cuz he didn’t want folks to think he was gay (thou protesteth to much). Now that being said, what these people did was their business and if they went on home to glory and ain’t told nobody nothing, it wasn’t for Quincy’s decrepit arse to put they business in the streets. Now Richard Pryor’s widow out here co-signing and sheeit. It’s all too much.

I’m gon’ say this – I don’t care how old y’all get…or how dead I get – don’t tell my damn secrets! I’m over here hoping every time Quincy Jones try to close his eyes, MJ’s ghost shows up dancing to Billie Jean right in his damn dreams and that Richard Pryor rolls his wheelchair over Quincy’s damn foot repeatedly in the same damn dream! Quincy don’t need any more night’s of good rest or peace cuz he ain’t letting the dead rest in peace. 


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