RichesArt Gallery is Too Extra and is Showing American History Exhibit for BHM

Richesart Gallery Owner and Artist Richards Samuel.

Austin’s only Black-owned art gallery, (it’s been nine years since Austin lost the community icon space Mitchie’s Gallery owner Joyce Hunt) RichesArt, has two big events happening this February. They are showcasing an American History exhibit for the month of February. Then on Tuesday, Feb. 22, 2022, RichesArt will have a Too Extra Party, celebrating this very rare upcoming date.

The interactive American History art exhibit showcases works from nineteen local Black artists. The purpose of this exhibit is to show that it’s not just Black history. It’s American history.

Richard Samuel, the owner of RichesArt, stated that the idea for the exhibit came from schools taking Black history as well as other races’ and cultures’ history out of the education requirements. He believes all history deserves to be learned because we’re all part of America.

When discussing the gallery, Richard said he doesn’t want it to be viewed as a contemporary gallery. He wants it to feel like a home, where people can come and be comfortable while experiencing the art.

Richard chose most of the featured artists by a submission request. Others he already had a working relationship with. So some of the artists are even new to him.

Again, American History will run until Feb. 28, and is free to the public. Masks and social distancing are encouraged.

Now, for the Too Extra Party, hosted by Myke B. the Label and curated by Savannah of @savsmilesalot, the date represents a time for new beginnings. It’s also said to bring immense luck. So, on this very special Twosday, RichesArt will become a portal to guide you on this astrological journey.

Mr. Samuel tries to hold many diverse events where people can come and enjoy themselves without judgment. That’s why the 2/22/22 party felt so fitting. It’s a very special date in numerology, meaning community and collaboration.

Guests are encouraged to wear their most extra outfits (there will be a contest) and to fully submerge themselves into this interactive art experience. There will be live music, burlesque, drag, local vendors, food, drinks, and much more!

The party starts at 8 pm, and the $22.22 tickets are available online.

RichesArt Gallery is open Monday-Saturday, 12pm-8pm. For more information, visit their website or follow them on Instagram @RichesArt. 


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