Rodney Reed is Scheduled to Die in 14 Days.

Rodney Reed – from Bastrop – is scheduled to die by execution in 14 days exactly. The amount of overwhelming evidence that casts a skyful of dark ominous clouds of doubt about his guilt is astounding.

But yet – the State of Texas is still refusing to grant a stay of execution and a new trial. Not ‘let him walk out of jail free‘; just grant him another trial to present the mountain of new evidence in support of his innocence.

If Reed is still somehow found guilty again (not taking anything for granted with this ‘just-us’ system) – he’s not going anywhere and the system can still slake its collective thirst for our black blood at a later date.

not just no, but hell no.

Dr. Phil recently did a 2 part show about the case. “I don’t think it’s a question of whether he’s guilty or not guilty. I think the question is whether he had a full trial, with a full airing of all the evidence,” McGraw said during the losing comments. “I think the answer to that question, in my opinion, is not just no, but hell no.”

The American justice system has theoretically adopted ‘beyond a shadow of doubt’ as the burden of proof for guilty convictions. Even allowing for the most liberal interpretation of this idiom – the verdict in this still manages to defy reality. According to that standard – a single instance of doubt should prompt a deeper examination of the evidence; which would hopefully lead to a new trial.  The Innocence Project has a list of 10 facts about the case – any one of which should warrant a new trial.

Given the staggering amount of doubt and new evidence and lost appeals for this case – we fear that nothing short of a miracle will spare Reed’s life long enough for him to have a new day in court.

Almost 1,400,000 people have signed the petition asking the State of Texas to show just a tiny morsel of justice and humanity. It’s a small act of service on your part and our sincere prayer is that as a collective effort – it will be enough for justice to persevere. You can visit the Free Rodney Reed website for a full breakdown of resources and actions that you can take NOW in an effort to see that justice is served.

National Activist Saun King will be appearing at a rally in Austin on Saturday. Nov 9 at 2p in support of Reed.


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