So Shaydee: Chrisette Michelle Set to Join Z List of Celebrities for Trump’s Inauguration

First, y’all got Aunt Jennifer Holliday crying and scared to come out of her 3 room flat because y’all Tweetin’ death threats and telling her to kill herself because she was gon’ perform at Trump’s Inauguration. When y’all ain’t neva bought a Jennifer Holliday album and only know her cuz Jennifer Hudson sang her song.

Now y’all done threatened to make lil Chrisette Michelle’s next album debut at #100 instead of #97 because she is performing. It’s HILARIOUS that #Trump gotta get all these Z-List celebrities to perform because ain’t nobody checkin’ for his hateful arse.

But don’t be distracted – he is STILL going to be the President whether you like it or not and is still busy hurriedly pushing through his unqualified rich cronies for every Cabinet position available in Washington and right outside. I’m talking about people who might as well go “duh, duh, duh” when questions are asked because they are so grossly incompetent.

That’s what we need to be worried about – coming together to  a) vote these Congressmen who are doing his bidding out in November and b) pulling together a list of at least 3 demands/initiatives that he can work on to help our people. We been in a love affair for the past 8 years because we had a Black president.

And that is always our damn problem. We sit back and hope and pray that Presidents and lawmakers don’t ignore us when a) we vote Democratically most of the time and b) we NEVER make them even earn our votes or pay attention to us. Or my favorite – we don’t vote because it doesn’t make a difference.

Well if you didn’t see where that got us – Republican President with a Republican Congress and a conservative majority on the Supreme Court that will turn back the clocks on our black arses before you can ‘Chrisette Michelle’. That is what I am concerned about. I could care less what Z-List celebrity is singing a hook, ditty, or jingle at his “party”. I’m not going to even watch so why would I care?

Instead of boycotting folks…how bout we ALL write our senators, congressmen, etc. and let them know that if they don’t take our concerns seriously, they need to start packing up now for what we are going to do in November? Let’s talk about THAT.

How bout we exhibit such outrage that Trump keeps meeting with our Black rappers, comedians, boxing promoters and athletes to take photos in Trump Tower that it forces him to take us seriously and hold serious meetings with us at the White House. I’m over this whole boycott of Black people thing. Your bosses/company leaders supported Trump but yet, you still work there. I guess you should quit your job there too to take a stance. #ChrisetteMichelle #JenniferHolliday #Trump #SoShaydee


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