So Shaydee: Mariah Starts 2017 Fresh Out of Effs to Give

Chile...Mariah's whole performance was a FAIL! I swear they could have just given her a few dollars and paid her to let her songs play in the background during the event.

She says something was wrong with the sound but you been singing these damn songs for DECADES…..don’t you know the words? Ain’t you got a five hundred and seventy five octave range? So no excuses. You ain’t Brittney Spears…You are Mariah Carey. A LEGEND. One of the original DIVAS.

A diva when it meant something and when errybody and they mama wasn’t claiming the title. I can’t even properly shade you because I’m just so disappointed at your meltdown on national tv. Were you drunk? On that sheeit? And at the end, you just GAVE THE HELL up and walked off letting the recording of your vocals just play (confirming you were lip syncing all along). You could have just kept on lip syncing.

Hayle even Milli Vanilli nem didn’t give up – the record just skipped and the debauchery was discovered. I was horrified watching this on Youtube (cuz I fell asleep last night—GOD was merciful and let sleep fall over me so I didn’t have to witness this debacle real time). No wonder Nick Cannon and that rich white man left!

You should lay off Twitter and all of social media for a while…cancel all your 2017 engagements, write a check to Dick Clark’s people reimbursing them for 75% of what they paid you to perform, get off them people’s reality show, and have several seats in 2017. Just don’t sing while you sitting there. Please.

PS: Mariah Carey wasn’t supposed to be out on New Year’s Eve anyway! We’d requested that all legends stay in until 1/1/2017, wrapped in duct tape AND bubble wrap until further notice, back on Christmas. And even though her performance was a train wreck and tragic, she didn’t die. Hupp Gloray!

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