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What happens when almost 150 years of experience in acting, singing, theater production, education, business and law come into a room with a unified dream? Illumination happens, that’s what.

There’s a new Black theater company in town and the excitement is in the air! Dr. Billy Harden, Spectrum Theatre Company’s Executive Director, and the entire Spectrum family invite you to join the “Illumination Celebration”, Sunday, June 29th at Austin Playhouse.  

This event will be the group’s largest fundraising effort so far, and promises to be a very enjoyable affair. In addition to food, drink and highly anticipated performances by Pamela Hart, Timothy Charles Curry and State Representative Dawnna Dukes, Police Chief Art Acevedo is slated to serve as the Auctioneer for a wide range of valuable products and services.    

The Spectrum Theatre Group leadership team includesCarla Nickerson, Marketing Director, Jacqui Cross,Managing Director, Janis Stinson, Associate Director ,Reginald Brown, Artistic Director, and a dynamic company of local singers and actors.  

The group’s vision and the purpose of the upcoming fundraising event is to reach beyond traditional theatergoers and find members of the community who appreciate their work because of the voice it gives to the various corners of African American life. Ms. Cross shared that this commitment to sharing well-known, as well as lesser known, works through the eyes of unique African-American experiences is what will set Spectrum Theatre group apart from the artistic offerings currently available in Austin.

The shared commitment, unity of purpose and focus among the Spectrum Leadership team was evident in the meeting room. Each one seemed keenly and comfortably aware of his/her role in the mission and dedicated to doing their best to keeping it ahead of selfish considerations. Ms. Stinson pointed out that one of the most important lessons they learned at the Atlanta Black Theatre Festival last year was to always make decisions in the best interest of the company as a whole, and not be distracted with ego and personality issues that may cloud judgment and relationship. Staying focused will ultimately lead to the right elements falling into place.

Ultimately, Dr. Harden explained, Spectrum will offer an academy for young aspiring African-American performers. The school will be designed to be a place where theater students will learn every aspect of theatrical production from a nurturing group of professionals who are as committed to bringing their vision to the stage as they are.

This winning combination of business savvy, artistic vision and talent has attracted the support of well-known actor Julius Tennon and his wife, award-winning actress Viola Davis, who will be introduced as part of the Board of Directors at the celebration.  

Tickets, which are $40 per individual, $65 per couple are still available online. Follow Spectrum Theatre Group online.


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